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Compare Car Insurance online & Choose Best Plan

Welcome ! Many of us have ‘n’ number of doubts while selecting the car insurance policy online. The basic point of going online for car insurance is to save time and energy instead of traditional way. Due to the advancements in the technology, face to face human interaction is declining and being replaced by mobiles phones & computers.Let us understand & follow the steps to keep in mind for selecting the best car insurance in India

  • CoverKaro: First point in selecting the best car insurance in India inline is to select the online platform. CoverKaro is one of the leading online platforms for Car insurance premium comparison in India. We have tied up with almost all the major insurance players in the market thereby offering the customer to choose the best option available.
  • Fill the Details: Once the basic details pertaining to the car are filled ad submitted you’ll receive a call from the CoverKaro Team. Agents here are fully trained and equipped with high knowledge to guide you to compare car insurance premium online and select the best policy.
  • Ask for particulars: Our agents start collecting the information related to car such as cubic capacity, make and model etc., to generate the car insurance quotes online. If there is any requirement from your end, you are requested to pass it to our agents so that they can generate quotes to compare car insurance agent renewal quotes online.
  • Add-ons: Our agents will explain you the add-ons which can be taken by paying extra premium. If you require any particular add-on then please pass on the request to agent to enable them to calculate premium using car insurance premium calculator. Car insurance cost also depends on the add-ons or riders opted at the time of taking the car insurance. Riders such as Bumper to bumper, Engine cover; Consumables, Road side assistance etc. are charged separately thereby increasing the premium to be paid.
  • Comparison: Once the details are filled a link to compare car insurance quotes online is sent to you on your registered email id. Using this link car insurance premium comparison can be done and the best company can be selected.
  • Payment: Once the best car insurance in India is chosen with all the required add-ons then you can proceed for payment. Payment can be done with any of the means such as credit card, debit card, online payment etc.,
  • Instant Policy: Once the payment is done the policy is generated instantly. If you face any issues at the time of payment or policy issuance our agents are here to assist you.
  • Renewals: The same procedure is applicable for car insurance renewals quotes online. For renewals car insurance renewal premium calculator is used to generate the premium. Expired car insurance can be renewed online from CoverKaro portal where we have a dedicated team of agents to assist you in your car insurance renewal. If the car insurance expired and the renewal doesn’t happen within 90 days from the date of expiry, then the no claim bonus under the policy would lapse resulting in increase in premium.

Due to the advent in the technology it has become easy to renew insurance online with a few clicks from anywhere in the world. Have you ever thought how to renew insurance online?

Then we have a solution for this question. Visit https://www.coverkaro.com/car-insurance and get renew your car insurance online within 3 steps.

Compare Car Insurance online & Choose Best Plan

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